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You need both the book, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster and the relaxation to prepare for surgery. I designed them to be used together.

The book is available as a paperback book and an eBook.

Only order the eBook from here or Amazon because we ran out of paperback books. Because of paper shortages, paperback books may not be available for months.

The eBook will download in one minute into your email.

Order the MP3 files and eBook as separate orders. This website will not work if you order both the eBook and MP3 files in the same order.

The relaxation is available as MP3 files or a CD. The MP3 files are only available here at this website, HealFaster.com.

Only order the MP3 files or eBook from a computer or iPad, not a cellphone.

You need to be tech savvy or have a tech savvy friend drag and drop the MP3 files to where you store music on your computer or iPad. Use a USB cable to download the MP3 files from your computer to a cell phone or MP3 player.