Opening Your Heart Workshop


Zoom Webinar is 6 Wednesdays, May 15- June 19, 2024

7-8:30pm ET / 4-5:30pm PT

(Replay will be available if you miss a session)

Want to feel more peace and love?

In this workshop, you learn to feel the peace and love of your soul. When you learn to connect to inner peace, you no longer feel anxiety, depression or empty inside. If you have insomnia, feeling peaceful lets you gently fall asleep. You feel this peace when you experience a sense of oneness in nature. You also feel oneness when you are uplifted by music, dance or beauty. Athletes feel oneness when they are in the zone. When you love another person or pet, your heart opens and you feel the love that is always there. This love is your essence. During the 6 weeks, you learn how to feel this love more of the time.

How will you learn to feel the love?

Using relaxation and visualization, Peggy will guide you in “Talking to Your Heart.” Your heart’s wisdom will tell you how to feel this flow of love.

How does this speed healing?

Mainstream medicine reports that 90% of illness is caused by stress. The first step you will learn is how to reduce stress. Next you will learn how to glide into feeling inner peace and love. This speeds your healing.


Testimonial from Polly Paterson of MA

“The peace I gained by participating in this workshop has changed me to the core. Opening my heart has allowed the love in my core to flow freely. I feel more energetic, peaceful, happy, and positive about life. The love within me radiates and embraces others around me.”

Testimonial from Nancy of MA

“Last summer I found myself sweating for no reason, 3-6 times a day. The sweating soaked through my clothes. My skin was so itchy that I put my feet in buckets of ice for relief. My fatigue was off the charts. As a woman used to swimming 3 miles a week and walking 2 miles a day, I knew something was wrong.

After medical exams, blood work, and genetic testing at Massachusetts General Hospital, the answer was clear. I had Polycythemia, a rare blood disorder where my bone marrow produced too many red blood cells.

Soon I learned about Peggy Huddleston’s Opening Your Heart Workshop. I had read her book “Preparing for Surgery, Heal Faster” before major back surgery.

My hematologist/oncologist, Dr. Karp at Massachusetts General Hospital, was open to me taking the workshop. I hoped that feeling the peace and love of my soul would bring the numbers of my blood work, my hematocrit, into the normal range.

Taking Peggy Huddleston’s Opening Your Heart Workshop was the best thing I did. It gave me the tools to heal my blood disorder and my mental well being.

Since taking Peggy’s Opening Your Heart Workshop and listening daily to her relaxation MP3, I am doing really well. I feel healthy and relieved that I can continue a career that I love as a clinical social worker.

Peggy’s calm approach, floods of positivity, and wealth of medical research helped me believe my body could heal. The power of my intention with the belief in my ability to heal was the best medication.

Peggy, you changed the outcome of my life for which I will be eternally grateful.”

Testimonial from Helen Fernald of Wolboro, NH

“During the workshop by learning to connect with inner peace, I feel joyful and my blood pressure dropped 30 points.”

Testimonial from Kay Outwin of Cape Cod, MA

Hoping to heal the heaviness in my heart and the anxiety I always felt in the background, I signed up for the “Opening Your Heart Workshop”.

During the first day of the workshop, I experienced a truly peaceful state as Peggy guided the group through several deep relaxations.

Peggy invited each of us to talk to our heart, asking how it is feeling. Some truth-filled answers came to me. My heart said it was “starving for attention, lonely and sad.”

My heart also felt “disconnected and closed.” My heart said I “hid its feelings even from myself.”

In the next relaxation, Peggy showed us how to release sadness. To my relief, several layers of sadness released. When Peggy guided us through releasing sadness again, more and more layers released.

Peggy guided everyone in asking their heart, “what comforting feeling” did my heart want me to give it? My heart wanted “closeness, warmth, love, and safety.”

Peggy showed me how to hold my scared, lonely little girl in my adult arms. As I gave my little girl “closeness, warmth and love”, I felt connected with a deep sense of peace, love, and wisdom.

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Opening Your Heart Workshop


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Early Sign-up Discount!

Opening Your Heart Workshop


Sign up by Thursday, May 9 2024


Sign up after Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Peggy Huddleston’s writing and clinical work focus on what you can do emotionally and spiritually to speed your healing on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually. peggysbookA graduate of Harvard Divinity School, she developed five steps to prepare for surgery using mind-body techniques. She is the author of the book, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster: A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques, and its companion relaxation CD and MP3. Her book is recommended at leading hospitals across the US including Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, NYU Langone Medical Center in NY.

A chapter about her healing work is in the book, Healing Spirits: True Stories of 14 Spiritual Healers.

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