How to Lessen the Side Effects of Chemotherapy, Radiation or Medical Procedures

(Excerpt from Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster)

You have a profound ability to influence how you go through medical treatments and procedures.If you’re having chemotherapy, you may think your beliefs about nausea and fatigue don’t really matter. But they do. They powerfully affectyour body. In a research study, 30% of the people in a control group lost their hair just because they thought they had received chemotherapy.

In fact they had only taken a placebo, a harmless substance with no active ingredients. These findings were reported in the World Journal of Surgery in 1983.

Many people have used my five-steps to lessen the nausea and fatigue associated with chemotherapy. Some people have been so successful using it that after a session of chemotherapy, they were hungry and treated themselves to their favorite lunch.

Step 1 
Believe Your Treatment is a 100% Healing Agent

  • Make chemo your best friend.
  • See it as a potent, healing ally.
  • Imagine it sweeping your body clean.

Remember the movie ET? In California, a woman having chemotherapy pictured the pulsating finger of ET. She imagined the chemo flowing from ET’s healing finger. Draw a picture…..

(End of excerpt)

Watercolor of Exuma, Bahamas, "Clouds from Goat Cay" by Jane Chermayoff
Watercolor of Exuma, Bahamas “Clouds from Goat Cay” by Jane Chermayoff