About Peggy Huddleston

Peggy Huddleston is a pioneer in mind-body medicine. Her writing and groundbreaking research focus on the ways positive emotions and the human spirit speed healing.

She developed five steps to prepare for surgery using mind-body techniques. Research shows they significantly reduce anxiety before surgery, lessen the use of pain medication by 23-50% and speed healing.

Her book, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster: A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques and its companion relaxation CD or MP3, give people facing surgery a way to go from feeling anxious to feeling peaceful – a state proven to speed healing. She trains healthcare professionals to give her one-hour Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Workshop TM.

Huddleston is a psychotherapist, researcher and graduate of Harvard Divinity School where her study focused on what individuals can do emotionally and spiritually to speed their physical healing.

Watercolor of Exuma, Bahamas, "Clouds from Goat Cay" by Jane Chermayoff
Watercolor of Exuma, Bahamas “Clouds from Goat Cay” by Jane Chermayoff