How Is Your Body a Mirror of Your Thought?

by Ingrid Peschke
02/06/2014 12:19 pm ET
| Updated Apr 08, 2014


Mind Over Matters

by Don Vaughn
Summer Issue 2013


Patients find relief in mind over body

By Meredith Goad
June 16, 1996
“Patient finds relief in mind over body… before undergoing a mastectomy and breast reconstruction.”

“A Help for the Healing before Surgery Starts”

September 29, 1996
By Amy Sessler


Association of Women Surgeons
Preparing Patients for Surgery

by Dixie Mills, MD, FACS
volume 8, No.3 – Book Review, Fall 1996

“Patients really do use less pain medication and go home sooner.”


American Holistic Medical Association

Book Review
by David Edelberg, MD

“If every managed medical director simply mandated that [this book and relaxation CD or MP3]… be given to all patients undergoing surgical procedures, the cost savings could easily add another million to his annual salary with plenty to spare for the HMOs executive team.”