Phone Consultation with Peggy Huddleston

Peggy Huddleston can guide you through her 5 steps to prepare for surgery. She will help you create the healing imagery that will calm you and speed your recovery.

She is also available for consultation on issues other than surgery such as:

* Falling asleep if you have insomnia
* Reducing tension headaches and migraines
* Lessening chronic pain and speeding healing
* Balancing your immune system to heal an autoimmune disease
* Strengthening your immune system to support healing cancer

A consult is 60-minutes. Her fee is $250 and can be charged to Visa or MasterCard.

The consultation is by phone or Zoom on Eastern time. To arrange the time and date for your consultation, please call Peggy Huddleston’s office at (781) 864-2668. To pay for this click here.

Watercolor of Exuma, Bahamas, "Clouds from Goat Cay" by Jane Chermayoff
Watercolor of Exuma, Bahamas “Clouds from Goat Cay” by Jane Chermayoff