From the Foreword by
Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Past President, American Holistic Medical Association
Author, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Peggy Huddleston and other pioneers in mind-body medicine understand that the full potential of the surgical experience can only be realized once the patient has become a complete partner in the healing process.

I often tell my patients that surgery, when properly prepared for, can become a healing ceremony that is both life-changing and life-enhancing.

This book is the most practical and complete manual for approaching surgery with maximal healing power that I have ever seen.

The only way to take full advantage of the healing through surgery is by acknowledging an ingredient that has been missing for far too long—the innate wisdom of the patient. All surgeons know that though we can perform operations well technically, we do not have the power to heal the tissue we have injured. This is up to the patients and their connection with their own inner wisdom.

Now imagine what would be possible if every patient openly and wholeheartedly embraced his or her part in the healing process with the full cooperation and acknowledgement of their surgeon and anesthesiologist!

That is the direction in which Peggy Huddleston so skillfully points us whether we participate as patients or surgeons. When we combine the healing power of the human spirit with the curing technology of surgery, we not only have the best of both worlds we are also setting the stage for the miraculous to become commonplace.

Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster and the healing guidance contained within it, should be in the hands of everyone who is planning to have surgery. And though this book is specifically for those facing surgery, it contains much information that can be used by anyone, right now, for healing any illness, whether or not surgery is a part of that process.

This book should also be in the hands of all who perform, recommend, or in any way are connected with the process of surgery or healing.

I expect that in the next decade the guidance in this book will be given out to pre-operative patients as routinely as the operative consent form and the post-operative instructions.

Now sit back and relax. You’re going to enjoy this journey into healing.

Watercolor of Exuma, Bahamas, "Clouds from Goat Cay" by Jane Chermayoff
Watercolor of Exuma, Bahamas “Clouds from Goat Cay” by Jane Chermayoff